How to create a website that speaks to your audience

How to create a website that speaks to your audience

Your website is your organisation's shop window. It needs to grab people, inform them of your objectives and capabilities, and also showcase exactly why a potential customer should choose your services over those of a competitor. 

However, what is equally important - yet sometimes overlooked - is that your website must speak in your company's voice. It needs to be unique and different, and must highlight exactly what sets you apart. By following these simple steps, you can do exactly that. 

1. Understand your audience

The key to creating valuable content is to know exactly who you are trying to reach. Once you know this, you can ensure that everything you create is tailored so as to speak directly to the right people. 

2. Create buyer personas

The next stage is to put yourself in the mind of your target customers. If you were in their shoes, what would convince you to part with your money? What words, phrases or promises would appeal? 

3. Study the competition

It is absolutely essential that you check out other companies that are trying to appeal to your audience. This will give you a very good idea of what they are doing right, meaning you can 'adopt' approaches or techniques that work, while also being able to exploit gaps in the market. 

4. Speak your audience's language

Does your audience want simple information, or would they engage more with technical writing? Do they like blogs, or would they prefer to see infographics and videos? Are they capable of making big decisions on their own, or would they like to be given the option to speak directly to one of your experts? 

5. Colours, font and layout

Once you've set down the foundations of your website, consider exactly how it's going to look on the screen. Your website could contain the most valuable and interesting information on the internet, but if the layout is unappealing - or even actively off-putting - nobody is going to stick around long enough to find out. Remember, everything should be designed to reach your audience. 

6. Work with professionals

Building a website that works isn't easy, so don't be afraid to approach design and web build experts to ensure the best possible outcome. Companies that specialise in web design services will ensure that all of the above steps are covered, and will also work closely with you to ensure you understand why decisions are being made, and what they are likely to mean for your company in the long term.

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