There are few industries that move as fast as search engine optimisation (SEO)

There are few industries that move as fast as search engine optimisation (SEO)

There are few industries that move as fast as search engine optimisation (SEO); so much so, in fact, that it can be hard to keep up. With that in mind, we’ve collected four essential SEO trends which you’ll need to stay on top of in 2019. Let’s dive in. 

1. Long-form content

The days of keyword stuffing are, (perhaps thankfully), long behind us. Instead, quality, in-depth content is the order of the day – and for good reason. Your business has a lot of knowledge and expertise within it, and long-form guides published to your site aren’t just great for your customers – the search engine bots love ‘em too! 

2. “Mobile-first” search engine indexing

As the mobile web has evolved, so too has the way search engines view mobile sites. In 2019, this has culminated in a new “mobile-first” ethos which search engines like Google have now adopted. Put simply, this means that Google will often crawl your mobile site before your desktop version – so you’d better be sure the mobile site is well-optimised. 

3. Google RankBrain

First discovered in 2015, Google RankBrain is a core element of Google’s search algorithm. It works by silently watching how users interact with search results, then boosting search ranks accordingly. For example, if a user bounces from the first result (presumably because the content wasn’t good enough), then clicks the third result and stays there, Google RankBrain takes not of this and delivers a boost to that third result. Pretty smart stuff, right?

4. Voice search

You can’t have missed the huge boom in smart devices with voice assistants. With everyone asking Alexa what they should have for breakfast, it’s vital that your website is designed to work well with voice search. What does optimising for voice search look like in practice? Well, one way to do well in this burgeoning area is to ensure you include straightforward questions and answers in your site’s content. These can be in feature boxes or integrated into the content, and Google will parse them for search results. 

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