The Top 10 Things Your Website Should Do for Your Business in 2017

The Top 10 Things Your Website Should Do for Your Business in 2017

Your company's ability to grow and prosper in 2017 hinges upon your website's prowess. From driving traffic to your business to promoting communication with your customers, your website has the power to help you attract prospects, keep existing customers engaged, and bolster your sales results. Below are the top ten things your website should do for your business in 2017.

1) Empower your brand to thrive online.

Establishing and maintaining a strong online presence is vital to your company's success. Your website should properly promote your brand by featuring the following elements in a format that is clear, attractive, and professionally designed:

  • Your company's logo
  • Your company's mission or primary goals
  • Your company's key products or services

2) Enable customers to easily find you on Google.

Your website should include all the key ingredients that enable customers to quickly find your business during a Google search. By including the proper keywords and useful backlinks, a well-designed website will enable your company to rank higher with Google and other search engines.

3) Provide visitors with the latest news about your business.

Your website should serve as a fluid platform through which visitors can learn the latest exciting news about your company. Here are a few examples of the ways that your website can help showcase your company's activity:

  • Highlight recent awards and recognition your company earns
  • Showcase current and past press releases
  • Feature case studies and customer testimonials
  • Include a calendar of upcoming company activities such as trade shows, presentations, or events

4) Drive new traffic to your business.

Attracting new prospects is essential for your company's continued growth. Your website should feature an alluring landing page that immediately captures prospects' attention. Additionally, your website should reflect your understanding of your target audience and should include content that will entice them to invest in your products or services.

5) Keep your existing customers engaged.

Your website should help you make sure new and existing customers remain interested and engaged with your business. Your site should feature content that is useful and relevant to your customer base. Ideally, content should be available in a format that is interesting and easy to read. Here are a few examples of ways that your website can help you keep your customers engaged:

  • Include a blog that you can easily update with fresh content
  • Provide links to your social media pages
  • Advertise promotional activities and contests designed to delight your customers

6) Serve as the primary means of communication with your customers.

An effective website promotes dialogue and information exchanges between you and your customers. By including engaging content, you encourage customers to want to learn more about your business. Below are three ways that your website should foster communication between you and your customers:

  • Provide customers with a means of contacting you through chat or phone
  • Enable customers to request information or quotations online
  • Post educational videos to help your customers see and hear all about your latest products

7) Enable you to easily update your site at any time from any location.

Flexibility and the ability to grow alongside your business are key attributes of any outstanding website. You and your staff should be able to effortlessly update your website at any point in time using your favourite computer or mobile device. A responsive, mobile-friendly design is beneficial to you and your customers alike.

8) Serve as a centralised library of your product or service specifications.

Your website should house your product brochures, technical specifications, and relevant product manuals. This information is helpful to customers and should be well-organised and easy for customers to locate and download.

9) Include a crystal-clear call to action.

The most beautiful website in the world will not help your business achieve its goals if it does not include a clear call to action. Whether your goal is to educate your audience or prompt them to invest in your latest cutting-edge product, your website should motivate visitors to invest their time in your product and/or services.

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