Where are you going wrong? How your social media could improve

Where are you going wrong? How your social media could improve

Social media marketing is a key digital tool for any business: big or small! We offer more than web design services and can help you grow your brand across the web, reaching new and relevant people. Here are some of the biggest mistakes we see in social media that we regularly see.

1. Not posting regularly

Irregular posting tells social media and SEO software that you're not an active brand and not worth promoting. Keeping a regular posting schedule reminds customers and audiences that you're around and reminding them of the latest promotions and products you're selling.

2. Bad graphics

Nothing puts customers off interacting more than an unprofessional look. Graphics that have been put together quickly, colour scheme clashes or bad photography - you've probably seen these on Twitter and Facebook before! Hiring someone professional to create a branded design for your company is a great way to get a better understanding of how you want your brand to look.

3. Trying to reach everyone

Run a restaurant chain in the UK or a small boutique in London? It's vital that you're reaching the right people rather than the most. You want users who will spend money with you, rather than bot followers. This can include relevant hashtags, tagging local hotspots or connecting with businesses that can support you. 

4. Poor spelling

It's not just bad graphics that look unprofessional, bad spelling and grammar are just as bad. Hiring a copywriter or digital marketing executives can not only solve this problem but also deliver unique messages and copy you may never have thought of.

5. Samey-samey

Copy and pasting from one platform to another looks like you're rushed for time and don't care about your brand. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are all unique and use different ways of communicating. You shouldn't use hashtags on Facebook and every platform has different image dimensions which you need to keep in mind to make the most of social media.

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